Airplane reading takes you aloft

There’s something about flying that untethers the mind. Unplugging from our digital addiction is probably the reason. For those few hours it is like unplugging your left brain and letting your right brain come out and play. For me it’s not about the airplane movie but about all the reading I can suddenly catch up on.

As I peruse the Hemispheres inflight magazine, I’m set to dreaming of future travels. A trial issue of Martha Stewart Living previously downloaded on my iPad starts me believing I can cook a fish surprise in phyllo pastry or make my Trader Joe orchids last longer than a week. As I read Fast Company, I find myself plotting the next killer app or startup.

Sitting wedged 3 deep in my tiny economy seat, the world seems magically open to new mind moves from creative burst to creative burst like popcorn in a microwave. I reached for my trusty moleskin notebook but I must have left it home in our early am rush out the door. I could write all my ideas down on my iPad. After all, I am writing this post on the draft app.

But somehow, I need to write down my random thoughts the old-fashioned way. I take my boarding pass and flip it to the blank side and pull out a pen. On it,I list stocks I want to check out, intriguing urls that articles mention, ideas for articles I may want to write myself. Even ideas for blog posts.
Paper and pen are still my right brain go to. ..the most direct path to my inner muse.
But meanwhile I’m happily blogging today’s post to be uploaded when we land.
And speaking of happily, you should read this article in Fast Company: “The Business of Happiness”. it gave me so many popcorn pops of ideas…I simply had to stop reading to share with you.
Hope your day takes flight!

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