SFGirlbyBay: Field trip to an eclectic design blog

Today’s field trip is to sfgirlbybay, a San Francisco-based blog that celebrates “bohemian modern style.” It’s always fun to visit as there’s fashion, furnishings,  art, craft, flea markets, guest blogs and more all curated by Victoria Smith. She’s worked for some of the best fashion, food and shelter magazines so she has a finely honed yet eclectic sensibility that perfectly fits our city by the bay. Her blog has won loads of accolades and readers sopop on over and give it a look.

A recent post focuses on Swedish Chic and I especially love the collection of posters like the one pictured here.

One of the things I love is that she takes weekends off and returns inspired from her travels and explorations. I’m jealously thinking that’s a great idea after blogging non-stop as part of my postaday2011 pledge.

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