April is National Poetry Month & I’m 25% thru the WordPress pledge. Time for a rhyme!

sky day 269
Image by maureen_sill via Flickr

National Poetry Month – wherefore I celebrate completing 1/4 of the postaday2011 pledge.

Ode to Spring, the Economy and Blogging

Late sun gleaming on the glass
Bird song issues from the grass
I am sitting on my ass
Writing a poem.

The rains have taken a shallow breath
The wind is just a soft caress
Winter seems quite close to death
And I am writing a poem

This year has started mighty hard
Slush in the market, slush in my yard
The economy hasn’t played its final card
And I am writing a poem

I haven’t written poetry since leaving school
Didn’t miss it, wasn’t cool
Yet rhymes unprompted want to rule
As I sit writing a poem

At the moment the house is still
Haven’t made dinner, don’t know if I will
He’s upstairs paying bill after bill
And I’m down here writing a poem

When I began this blogging road
It triggered my brain, it served as a goad
It brought forth stuff, yet lightened my load
Sitting and writing a poem

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