New Year’s Resolutions 2013- A status update

The Class of Dance by Edgar Degas (1874)
The Class of Dance by Edgar Degas (1874) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I made four resolutions this year and so far, I’m making good on two of them. Well, sorta.

1.Give up cookies and ice cream.
As my loyal readers already know, these are two of my basic food groups so this resolution was clearly too ambitious. I am back on ice cream after 4 days. However, no cookies have crossed my lips (brownies are not cookies so don’t even go there. And if you eat the chips out of a chocolate chip cookie—then that’s chocolate, not cookie). I’m now following the Tiny Habits principle—small changes, made smaller.

2.Take a dance class.
Took my first Zumba class on Sunday. Went to a  fitness club where I wouldn’t know anyone and stood in the back. Some gorgeous fit young woman walks up to me and goes “Mimi.” I say “who are you and how do I know you?.” It was a former colleague I haven’t seen in 10 years. There goes my anonymity. However, she stayed in the front row where I could watch her bust her well-toned moves while I busted my ass trying to keep up.  It was actually quite fun. My dancing is like Lucille Ball crushing grapes—pathetically klutzy but I got the job done. I was coated in sweat by the end.

3. Take  art and writing classes
A friend asked me to join her on a Groupon offering a stained class class in Half Moon Bay. I said sure. We haven’t scheduled yet….but my intention is there. That’s a start. And I really would like to take a scriptwriting class this year. “Really.”  “Really.” And scene.

4. Learn how to bake bread
I’m talking about bread that inflates. Not sissy “quick” breads that are more cake than crust. I want to make my own crackly Poilane loaf, my own Tartine peasant round. The problem is I’m scared of yeast. What if the dough doesn’t rise? My grandmother made braided challah every week. I remember the loaves sitting in a bowl under a cloth. A few hours later, it doubled. She beat it up with her amazing upper arm strength and repeated the process.

There definitely was some magic involved in my grandmother’s golden loaves. I think that the magic is hidden in every conglomeration of flour, water & yeast if you know the secret incantation. It’s scary playing with magic and I am humbled by those who regularly make bread rise from the dead.  It’s very resurrection-y. I will do it. This year. It’s only January.

That’s my resolutions status. How are yours going?


  1. Good work on the cookies – and thanks for the clarification about the brownie ‘cuz I had one and thought I had broken my resolution – but once again, you have saved me 🙂



  2. Love this! Kudos to you for even making resolutions. I gave up on those a while ago, but made a list of “Life Improvements” this year instead. Semantics, I know. I reviewed my list on my way home tonight and realized I’d be better off listing things I could actually accomplish and say “yup- did that!” instead of things I can never check off as done (like “get more sleep”). Anyway, it’s late, and I gotta go to bed.


  3. Sounds like you’re doing pretty well on the resolution front! Chocolate chips def don’t count. My resolutions are going ok-ish… Like you, think I was a bit too ambitious, but I am planning to try bread making this weekend so that’ll be a tick! Good luck with yours!


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