Tales from the road: Finding our cave in Crete

Since we first met and married, we’d talk about running away to a cave in Crete whenever life got tough.

In these last tough days of the election, we are clearly happy to actually be in Crete and we have… Tada….found our cave!

Psychro cave is on the Lissithi plateau about 90 minutes of winding mountain road from Heraklio, Crete’s largest city. But we are way out in the high country where people are few and open space is all around.

We climb a 15 minute rocky path to the mouth of the cave and then make our steep descent into a world of dark pools and scary, anthropomorphic stalagmites  and stalactites.

This cave is an ancient Minoan sacred place 5000 BC or so where sacrifices and rituals were held.  It is also reputed to be where Rhea gave birth to Zeus, who became the king of god on MountbOlympus.

After our descent, we surface again to drive another thrilling mountain road to the scenic seaside village of Agios Nikilaod where scary caves were replaced with the latest Wi-Fi scary news from the U.S.

If things go really bad on election day, we may ALL need to run away to a cave in Crete!

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