Falling for the falls in Iguazu National Park

We finally made it! Iguazu Falls, deep in the jungle of Northern Argentina, was the most contentious part of our trip…and evn caused a years delay to this adventure!
Why? Mosquitos…scary, biting little bullies! zika ones. Chickengunya carriers, dengue fever mosquitos and yellow fever mosquitoes.

One year later the bugs were stll there but we wer ready for them! We had lots of immunizations. We brought deet and wore permethrin -infused clothes. We were covered from head to toe despire, melting 95 degree heat and 100% humidity.

We ventured out of our hotel in the park ready for anything.

And, ohhhh we fell in love with the falls. Our fears melted away as we were bathed in wild mists and sprays. We saw rainbows and tapirs and took the adrenaline pumping 15 minute boat ride under the falls. We were screaming wth joy as the falls pelted us in every direction. We left drenched and cooled from the tropical heat as we walked sopping to our hotel.

The next morning we explored the falls from above, crossing the river by traversing one mile of metal bridge walk ways.

For just over 24 hours, we had one of the most amazing travel experiences yet.  And we didnt get a single bite!


  1. I am soooo glad you did this…and it looks like Andy even did the boat ride. Thisis one of the highlights of all of my travel experiences and I am glad I had a little role in getting you to do it too!


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