How I Spent My Covid Confinement

Social distancing with our bubble babes!

Since March 13, 2020, we have lived in the mercurial months of pandemic lockdown: panic, fear, fearlessness, caution, caution to the winds, joy, sadness, optimism, despair, grief and celebration. The days became one lame day called Blursday as we muddled through the endlessness of it all.

Someday (not soon!), I will want to look back at this Covid 19 year and remember what it was like. Because, while it feels like a perpetual Groundhog Day, there are memorable moments & new rituals that stand apart.

Below I offer my list and encourage you to capture and share yours. It’s our personal piece of history as we enter the post-Covid world sometime next year. And yes, I do believe in that! 

What I did/do during Covid 19:

Baked chocolate chip cookies. Often.
Walked miles each day. Minimum of 10,000 steps. Got plantar fasciitis.
Read books. But not as much as I should have (see previous post).
However, watched\read way too much news and commentary.
Consumed escapism TV at night. Thank you Money Heist, Ozark, The Great, Queen Sugar and all the other engrossing series that kept us going.
Zoomed weekly with friends in Bay Area and La Jolla
Zoomed Sundays with my sisters
Zoomed with Bird Rock Vision Task Force to improve my neighborhood.
Remodeled 3/4 of our home while we isolated /ate/slept in the guest bedroom.
Practiced Spanish conversation with 3 friends 2x weekly in our backyard… 6 feet distancia, claro!

Lost my dad in April to old age and held a bi-coastal Zoom memorial service.
Marched in a local BLM protest while both fully masked and deeply moved in May.
Donated, donated continually to hunger orgs, restaurant worker orgs and, of course, political orgs.

Became part of our S.D. children’s/grandchildren’s’ bubble and resumed babysitting, family celebrations, etc. in May.
Walked on the beach 4-6 times/week
Took a watercolor & drawing class online.
Joined a bi-weekly writing prompt group for creative inspiration that’s ongoing.
Hammed it up as a bawdy suspect in a Zoom Murder Mystery Night in August.

Practiced swing dancing on our refinished floors with another couple in another room!
Served a few alfresco meals with friends/ family in the garden.
Shopped online for practical, pandemic wear. Living in athleisure 24/7.
Celebrated my BIG birthday in June with our bubble family in a gorgeous backyard setting. 
Retreated with family to Santa Barbara for a few days in Sept. when things seemed to be improving.

Shopped in store for groceries every week (instead of instacarting) for the adrenalin rush/terror of being out and about.
Colored my own hair monthly (and saved a lot of $). Home haircuts, too.
Cleaned our own house for months and realized that we are not very tidy people!

Cooked endless meals. Gave up preparing lunch and now just graze till dinner!
Ordered takeout and supported restaurant workers with biggest tips ever.
Sat at our first outdoor restaurant in August.
Sunday afternoon remains our homemade guacamole and a cocktail tradition.
Drink more wine but only from his glass so the calories & alcohol don’t count!
Consumed a pack of Peanut M&Md a day, measuring out my quarantine days.

Watched DNC Convention closing with dear friends from L.A. who visited for day and we cried.
Wrote only a couple of  blog posts. Didn’t want to bore everyone with my Covid tales. Now you can see why!
Wrote dozens of postcards promoting voting in key states.
Voted myself. By mail. My fingers are still crossed!

Wrote country lyrics for 3 songs and still waiting for my guy to put music to them. August.
Gardened and hovered over my limp veggies and bug-ridden roses all summer.
Got a tetanus shot after a rose thorn pierced a vein in my arm. Urgent care was EMPTY!
Hung out Monday mornings this Fall with my two year old grandson to give us (and his momma) a break!
Bought a jump rope. Plan to jump daily. Still working on that plan.

Celebrated Thanksgiving, Hanukah, XMas with our family bubble. Celebrating NYE tonight just with my guy as Covid conditions worsen yet again. Still, there will be crab legs!

To all my readers. Stay safe. Stay sane. Share what you’re doing. 
And,  to all those who are keeping us safe, healthy and well fed, I offer you my unfathomably deep, enduring  gratitude. You are the best of us.

Welcome to 2021. We’ve been waiting for you!


  1. I am a bit gobsmacked by ALL that you have done these many covid months, and Randi too. I am going to give some serious thoughts to what I actually “did” and even more serious thought to what I plan to “do”. My normal default of inertia and procrastination has served me well during covid. Sigh.
    May the force be with us, and with our new leaders. Holding my breath until Jan. 6th, but even with a double democratic win, we got us some more hard months awaiting us. Sigh, again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have spent this confinement immersed in Jewish learning – how wonderful to be able to study with scholars from all over the world. This has been the silver lining in this very dark cloud. We have also been watching tons (over 150) old movies.

    I have not cleaned out any closets or files which I had planned to do but have no motivation for

    I have eaten more than I should but thanks to lovely walking trails in this area, I have managed to keep my weight stable.

    I have been reminded of how much I like my husband…I love him, for sure, but now I know again deep in my heart that he is best friend and how lucky I am to be going through this with him at my side.

    I cannot even begin to describe how much I miss my family. It has been a year since I have seen any of them. I envy you your bubble with grandchildren…you are truly fortunate.

    I send you much love for the new year


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