Art Immersion in the Cote D’Azure

In these last days, we have immersed ourselves in artists who lived and painted in the inspiring cities of Southern France from Aix En Provence to St. Paul de Vence to Nice, our last stop.

What we’ve realized is how much more meaningful their work is in the context of the light and terroir here.

On our rainy drive to Nice, we made two stops in Vence. Fundación Maeght líes inside the walled city where we first discovered Giacometti’s graceful stick figures 40 years ago. The Maeght collection and the lovely property have both grown since. Their gardens are now filled with another favorite sculptor: Juan Miro. His playful sculptures are all around the spacious grounds. I think it could it be that Stephen Spielberg’s ET was inspired by one of Miro’s creatures! (See below}

After that stop, we checked out a new for us spot—Matisse’s sublime, white Rosary Chapel outside Vence that is filled with art and mosaics he designed. A unique space and a deeper dive into Matisse for us.

Arriving in Nice, we ambled to the beach in blinding sun and heat and later enjoyed a very French dinner complete with a arrogant young waiter who put us in our place!

Friday, we took the bus to the Cezanne Museum to see a wonderful dual show of Matisse and David Hockney, comparing their similar subjects and styles created decades apart.

And we couldn’t leave Nice without seeing the National Chagall Museum. This small museum was filled with both intimate drawings and a monumental series of Biblical story paintings.

Our hearts and souls are filled with art and a sense of wonder for how these artists’ time here inspired their works. We returned to our Hotel Florence to put our feet up and for me to blog this post.

More French food tonight! Hopefully, with a waiter who doesn’t have attitude issues!

E.T. at Fondacion Maeght? You Decide if this Miro was inspiration.
Giacometti still stands tall.
Matisse’s Chapel in St. Paul de Vence.
Matisse and Hockney both liked self-portraits among other subjects!
Chagall’s Biblical series. This is a close up from one painting! And we know who they are!

If you’ve read this far, our vacation took an unexpected turn right after I finished writing this post. You’ll just have to stay tuned. But we are okay…


  1. Ah so close and yet so far. It’s like we are in parallel universes. Love that you were able to find so many hot art spots. Just arrived in Aix today. Melting till the evening cool comes in. Love that ET of Miro. Please do update us on your next adventure pronto or your friends might worry. A biento! Charlotte

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