let your grey locks grow…

Rapunzel, let down your golden (or rather grey) hair. I’m not cutting my hair anytime soon. You can’t make me. Lengthy locks are not the private reserve of the young. More of us are lettin it all hang down.  The New York Times reported on this trend last weekend in “WhyCan’t Middle-Aged Women have long hair.” Two of my favorite famous long hairs: Lauren Hutton & Helen Mirren.

Are your resisting shearing off your hair? Have a great pic with long hair? Grey, colored or whatever…as long as it’s not blue hair rinse! Send it along and we’ll start posting.


  1. Today show did a segment this morning on mid life long hairs. Hot topic in the Times. Why do we care what people think anymore. Haven’t we earned the right to be our own women at this point in our lives. Meredith Viera is another babe with long hair who looks great at 50+.


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