#Reverb10: My Core Story

When all the mumbling and grumbling is over, the reality–my core story–  is that I’m very blessed. With a loving husband, two amazing sons finding their way in the world, deep family connections, work that’s challenging (and that’s steady!), a dry roof over my head (it’s rainy season) and  caring friends near and far who were there when I broke my foot, lost my mom, celebrated my big birthday and listened to me talk endlessly about our magical Paris adventure (see previous post).

And I’m so grateful for friends who  walk with me on Sunday mornings almost religiously. And speaking of religion, I am grateful to God for all the blessings bestowed on us in 2010 and for the blessings to come. If I can ask once more before this year is out, please bring peace and safety to our  world in 2011.  Amen. And Happy New Year to you all.

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