Selective memory- I know you but who are you?

Am reading Nora Ephron‘s I Remember Nothing, a humorous memoir of sorts about the trials of both remembrance and forgetting as one ages.  On the other hand there’s Keith Richards of Rolling Stones whose memoir Life shows that despite a life of drugs, alcohol and other dissolutions, he remembers everything–in pinpoint detail.

Well before my first “senior moment,” I’ve struggled with name phobia. Whenever I have to introduce someone, I can barely remember their name let alone the person I am introducing them to. It could be my husband and I’ll blank out on his name. The pressure to perform simply freezes my mind.

Like many women, I have a great memory for details of past events. I can remember what side of the page an ad appeared on, what we ate at a restaurant years ago, but I am at a complete loss when it comes to names. I may remember your face, I may even remember what you wore last time I saw you, but, darling,  remind what’s your name again

One comment

  1. I just wish more of the nominally forgotten wouldn’t take such offense in these situations of forgetfulness! It’s not as though you’re blanking on their names out of malice, you know? It’s literally a spontaneous bout of ’empty brain,’ lol 🙂


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