Sweetness of a Saturday Morning

French toast, maple syrup, and orange jucie
Image via Wikipedia

Unplanned Saturday mornings have a special fragrance. The scent of coffee made at home instead of grabbed at work. The smell of eggs & onions sizzling in a pan (and on truly decadent winter Saturdays like today– French Toast with real maple syrup). The smell of a weekend pregnant with potential. Shall we go to a farmers market? Do errands? Cozy up some great classic music (Paul Simon’s Graceland today)? Catch up on the news or magazines? Call the kids and have a leisurely chat before their days get busy? Take a hike, go for yoga, take the bikes for a spin? It’s delicious to know the whole day awaits unwritten. And unbidden. Mine–and ours– to decide.

As I sit here writing my daily post, making it a part of my Saturday morning spice mix, I am overjoyed with the simple pleasures of this unstructured Saturday morning. Hope your day is aromatic with delights.


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