How do you sit through a classical concert?

I love classical music. But only as background sound while doing something else. I can’t sit through an actual concert. There’s nothing to look at. It’s dark and you can’t read as you listen. You just need to sit there. And be quiet. And listen. And I can’t do it.

I got roped into a concert last night as my honey had a spare ticket since his concert buddy was out of town. You can’t let a good ticket go to waste. So, I finally agreed (after he tried everyone else) to go. It was a guitar concert. The four musicians were fabulous. The music was great. But after five minutes I was ready to go. There was nothing to look at besides the four men on stage. There was no scenery. I closed my eyes and listened and grew sleepy. I fidgeted in my seat, rearranged my coat in my lap, looked around at the audience.

Finally… intermission. After, I didn’t go back in. I sat in the lobby and read stuff on my iPad which I thankfully brought along. I tried out my new Flipboard app and read some articles in Bon Appetit. Got into the blogicle (blog article) “The Food Lover’s Cleanse”… an appetizing change from the usual January diet fare with the focus on eating & cooking wonderful clean food (and even some cookies). I was lost in thought and ideas, stimulated by all the visual delights onscreen. The time passed quickly.

When I heard wild applause, I returned to the auditorium to find my guy. However, the clapping just encouraged the musicians and they sat down for an encore–  a Stravinsky piece. So, I sat down, too. It was actually pretty good. Knowing that the segment would be short, I could really listen and concentrate.

On the way home, he was happy that I had tried to share the experience – been a “good sport.” I felt better that I managed to halfway sit thru a classical concert. But. Please. Don’t. Ask. Again. Not for a while!

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