MLK National Day of Service

This year, more people want to do community service. There’s a need for common activity, for sharing our humanity after the devastating events in Tuscon, Arizona. The annual Mitzvah Day (good deeds) here was completely full with over 29 service projects and over 700 volunteers. They had to turn people away who didn’t pre-register! 

It’s ironic that Martin Luther King Jr. Day falls a little over a week after the violence we’ve witnessed. King preached peace accompanied by peaceful political action.  He said: “I have a dream” and millions shared his dream. Do we have dream today? Do we have dream for our families, our children, our community, our nation, our world? Do we dare dream anymore in the face of relentless war, famine, disease,  floods, parched earth politics and take no prisoners rhetoric?

I think there is a hunger for peace again, for connection, for sharing. I am starving for it. By participating in community service today, I am filling that hunger by participating with kids, families, seniors, singles and couples on projects ranging from food for the hungry, to plantings for the community to handmade cards to our men and women in uniform around the world.

I have a dream. But I also want a reality that reflects that dream. Today is a good start.

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