Why I love Apple.

The best investment advice I ever got was buy what you love. And I love Apple (AAPL). Apparently, I’m not alone. They just announced over the top earnings for this past quarter. While the “experts” are analyzing the impact of Steve Jobs health on the company’s future, real people are still buying their products in droves.

I’ve long had iPhone envy but am stuck with a BlackBerry because that’s what my work supports. However, I got an iPad for my birthday and I’ve been sooo happy with it. We took it to France last fall and we used the GPS to find our way home even along dark, unmarked Bordeaux wine roads. I read two iPad downloaded books on the plane and watched a movie I’d downloaded before we left the U.S.  At home, if I wake up at night, I can read in bed without turning on a disturbing light or noisily flipping pages so my partner can sleep in peace. And I love the Flipboard and so many other apps that keep me entertained and/or productive whenever I have a spare moment.

Over the holidays, my old desktop computer died and so we bought a Mac desktop. I can’t tell you how engaging and inviting the brilliantly lit, 21.5 inch screen is and how much fun it is to play with all the included software. Apple understands how to create “delight.” They make computing a pleasurable, sensual experience  from acquisition to utilization. I smile at my  iMac when I sit down to play with it. I never smiled at a PC.

So, I’m giving my first blogging stock advice. Buy Apple. If you have Apple stock, hang on it it. If you don’t have Apple stock, buy an Apple product. Then you’ll know what I’m raving about. And you may even help them have another knockout quarter!

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