Chocolates I have known and loved: #12 Godiva Chocolates

A Godiva Chocolate truffle was my first foray into erotic seduction of high end chocolate. Named, knowingly, for the famous bareback rider (and bare everything else) Lady Godiva, these chocolates go straight from mouth to erogenous  zone of the brain. From the richly textured packaging to the luxe stores to the artistry of the chocolatiers, Godiva bridges the mind/body divide between chocolate and lust– a true aphrodisiac. No wonder suiters have been plying their ladies with Godiva chocolates each Valentine’s Day. Once you graduate to grown up sweets (no more candy kisses for you), it’s time to up the ante to Godiva.

Of course, there are many other high end chocolatiers ( and I mean them no disrespect. but  can’t possibly name them all ( Valhrona, Schaffenberger, Ghirardeli etc). Indeed, small batch, artisan chocolate makers are blossoming worldwide, inventing incredibly wondrous & beautiful new confections every day. In San Francisco, there are even chocolate tours to visit some of these emporia. I support & applaud them. Anyone who makes chocolate-making their life’s passion is contributing to a better, sweeter world.

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