Great chocolates I have known and loved: #13 Hot Chocolate


From the Nestle’s Quick of childhood to Mexican Hot Cocoa in a Oaxacan cafe to French Chocolat Chaud, hot chocolate is the stuff of memories. There is something infinitely soothing and full of tender love in drinking a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day or night. A cup in the morning on a camping trip in the cold morning mountain air, a mug in a cozy French bistro in the cool of Fall. The  sweet & milky sip of rich hot chocolate instantly makes you feel better. Feel loved. And that’s the heart of it. There are hot chocolate purists and those who add whipped cream, flavorings, spices or melting marshmallows to their drink. To each, her own. Just make it really hot, creamy and chocolaty and I will melt into sweet oblivion.

Chocolate blogger shoutout today: Chocablog. This professional looking site has been blogging since 2006 on chocolate recipes, chocolate product reviews, chocolate events and more. It  is staffed by “… a small but perfectly formed team of chocaholics” whose profiles are listed on the About page. Here’s a taste of their quality writing, a review of “French Broad” chocolates.

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