Great chocolates I have known and loved: #14 Readers’ Choice!

Early 20th century Valentine's Day card, showi...
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It has been fun to traipse through my life through reliving wonderful chocolate treats and the memories they evoke. Proust had his “madeleines” and J. Alfred Prufrock measured his life “in teaspoons.” I measure mine in moments of great sweetness. Today, is the last day of my 14 day chocolate odyssey and I simply can’t pick one last treat and give it an uber importance over all the others just because it’s  Valentine’s Day. Actually, I think today is about each of us and the chocolates (and people) we have known and loved and still love. I have travelled from m&m’s to chocolate kisses to Haagen Dazs & chocolate chip cookies and feel like I’ve eaten each one to fullness as I wrote about them. I hope you, too, have felt a fullness in recollecting great moments of chocolate ecstasy as you followed along.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. My heart is full of sweetness and I hope yours is as well.

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