Great chocolates I have known and loved: #11 HD Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream

This may be a frustrating post for my lovely readers because Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice cream is hard to find!  You can usually find it in a Hagen Daz retail store (in which case order it topped with their warm,  bittersweet chocolate fudge and you’ll never recover!). You can   find it in other countries in convenience marts and Hagen Daz stores which seem to be everywhere in the Riviera Maya in Mexico as well as across many European cities. They even sell it at the swanky food emporium at  Harrod’s in England.

This ice cream is incredibly rich and succulent with tons of deep chocolate bits in every bite. The base is a creamy, unctuous flavor that’s somewhere between milk and dark chocolate. The closest  relative to this is Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mousse Royale that I wrote about previously but the quality and consistency is orders of magnitude more sophisticated. So, visit your local Haagen Dazs shop or take a trip somewhere off the continent!  It’s so worth it!

Chocolate blogger of the day: Yesterday, I  discovered that I’m not alone in my two week stroll down chocolate memory lane. Blogher (a collection of women-written blogs) has been holding their own 14 days of chocolate marathon with loads of different bloggers piling on with great recipes and ideas. So, head over there and feast your eyes….and then your tummies.

You can also feast on this exquisite gallery of chocolate dessert photos & recipes at the New York Times.

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