If a blog post falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

René Descartes at work.
Image via Wikipedia

Here’s the zen question of the day. If you post and no one comes to your site, does it matter? If you don’t post and people come, does it matter? Are you posting for yourself or for others?

When I first started this blogging journey, I posted about the loneliness of the long distance blogger. I yearned to be acknowledged, to be heard. But I’m beginning to see that the writing is becoming a part of who I am. I am not blogging for others. I am blogging for me. For the discipline of daily writing. For the thrill and the panic of hitting the “publish” button. While I am joyful at the occasional viewer who generously leaves a comment or clicks a “like” (thank you Guilas41), I am not blogging for them. They are the delicious cherry, the sweet but unexpected bonus of writing.

Last weekend, I had planned to untether myself from daily posting… to give up the “grind” of the postaday pledge. But I didn’t stop. While I didn’t write anything profound, I ended up posting daily my observations about what made the “weekend off” meaningful. My blog provided the space for me to capture those feelings and freeze them in time.

If I post and you visit, that’s surely a wonderful thing. But, truly, I post for me. With apologies to the great philosopher Rene Descartes (Cogito ergo sum), I blog, therefore I am. Blogito Ergo Sum! And if Descartes lived today, no doubt he’d also be a blogger!

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