Yikes! I’ve been blogging non-stop for two months!

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When I took up the postaday2011 challenge, I didn’t realize the commitment I’d made. There were days when I slogged through my posts trying to dredge up inspiration. There was the time I cried into the wilderness wondering if anyone could hear me. It was “The loneliness of the long distance blogger” post and I was amazed to find it struck home with others slogging along their blogging journeys.

I’ve written about simple pleasures like the “Sweetness of Saturday Mornings” and the sadness of  losing my mother in “Missing Mom.” I valiantly posted for two weeks straight on “Chocolates I have known & Loved” until I could barely eat another chocolate (just kidding…that won’t happen!).

I tried to take a weekend off two weeks ago….and instead, found myself gravitating to a computer each night…savoring in tranquillity the special moments of our weekend away. I’ve whined about our wet winter weather and celebrated a spectacular sunny day.

It’s been amazing to push myself to write each day and to find that every day holds something worth recording.  I write for me and reader feedback is a sweet cherry on top…something  special, unexpected and extra delicious.

And now…onward to month three. It’s no longer daunting to write. It’s a habit.

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