How do I love thee Sunset Magazine? Let me count the ways.

Sunset from January 1907. Cover illustration b...
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Sunset Magazine is my favorite periodical. It’s the “Magazine of Western Living” with content maximized for where in the West you live. It’s loaded with articles on local day and weekend trips including details on nearby restaurants and sights. It’s full of glorious hikes and trails to discover in your neck of the woods, desert or beach. It has fantastic recipes that leverage our bounty of gorgeous food and our aspirations for healthier living. There are home & garden projects that take you into some of the cutest, coolest or classiest homes in the area. The photography, illustrations and clever, concise writing make it a grown up picture book that inspires you to live fully on every level.

There are no beauty articles, no politics, no fashion, no diets, no stress. It’s a magazine for both men and women.  I opened the March issue last night  and found myself circling  ideas for upcoming hike and bike day trips including waterfalls and wineries from their article “18 ways to welcome spring.” And I’ll have to try the recipe for Grilled Chicken Dijon with fresh mustard. Every page brings a new spark of excitement about how to make the most of where and how you live.

Sunset Magazine also reminds me how blessed we are to live in country filled with spectacular scenery, bountiful food and do it yourself spirit. They have been capturing and updating Western Life since 1898. You don’t have to live here to subscribe…but you may want to!

Think I’ll start planting a spring garden this weekend!

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