French women are born to be grey fashionistas

1932 -French patterns, women's fashion
Image by genibee via Flickr

Discovered another fashionista blog devoted to “Une femme d’un certain age.” That is, to women who’ve passed the bloom of youth but not the bloom of beauty & style. The French have always loved their full bloomed women from Anouk Aimee to Catherine Deneuve. Une Femme focuses on  living a stylish, adventurous, balanced, delicious life after 50.”

While it’s written by a French woman, the posts are in English (with just a soupcon of francais added in for that certain je ne sais quoi ) and it celebrates style on both sides of the Atlantic. For example, this recent post reviewing  designs by the iconic  Eileen Fisher.

The French…they understand chic at any age.

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