What makes you happy (besides warm socks)?

From My Apartment Window in Tuscany
Image by Foto Iervolino via Flickr

Woke up happy for no good reason … or maybe for lots of reasons. Here’s a few so far today:

  • one last pair of warm, soft socks to wear before i need to do laundry
  • someone else made the coffee
  • bagels & peanut butter & jelly– my favorite breakfast food
  • sun pouring in  the kitchen window
  • yesterday’s ankle twist doesn’t still hurt today
  • the plumber came on time this morning (to fix my broken sink)
  • dinner out with friends tonight
  • lots of unstructured time to read and play
  • Discovered an amazing artist Charlotte Salomon after her name was mentioned in a WSJ online article about another artist favorite, Maira Kalman. Kalman cited her as an influence. Thank you wikipedia for letting me learn more about this young artist whose work was a testimony to life… and whose paintings were saved by a friend when Charlotte was carted off to become another holocaust statistic.
  • There’s still some good chocolate in the house that will go great with my second cup of coffee
  • My kids are posting wonderful pix of their first joint travels to an exotic destination..and I get enjoy their time vicariously

I could sit here and enumerate all the reasons I am happy today–so far– but I’m gonna go take a walk.. a sure addition to my happiness list.  Go out and get happy!

p.s. that’s not the view from my window…but it makes me happy nonetheless!

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