Is it unpatriotic to cancel netflix?

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We started Netflix with the  $9.99 two video/month plan a few years ago and it has now jumped to $16.98/mo. And we’re still sitting on our 2 unwatched videos that have been here since 2010. For our video entertainment these days, we:

  • go out to movies
  • watch movies we’ve downloaded on satellite
  • watch programs piling up on DVR (this is getting out of control)
  • watch movies at our friends who own or rent

But the truth is we just don’t watch that many movies anymore. With internet entertaiment a click away from home or mobile devices, we can Hulu, Youtube, Pandora, & Facebook ourselves into mental oblivion for a minute or a month anytime and anywhere we need some digital entertainment.

Starting in Nov. through Dec. we went to a bunch of movies that were catching Oscar buzz so we were quite ready for the awards season thank you. When the weather outside was frightful, the movieplexes were delightful. But since January, our appetite for flicks has dropped along with our appetite for fattening holiday foods. So, I faced facts and decided Netflix was one automatic monthly payment I could live without.

I really felt bad quitting netflix. They handled it nicely online but I could tell they were sad..they asked so many questions about how we’ll carry on without them. I do believe we’ll do just fine. And just in case, they promised to hang on to my queue for two years!


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