Apparently I’m not the only one giving up Netflix DVD’s

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Shortly after yesterday’s post, I read “Goodbye DVD. Hello Future” in the New York Times which essentially came to the same conclusion I did. You don’t need those little red envelopes to watch movies. With cable, satellite & online streaming services (Netflix among them) plus in-store video vendors, you can access flicks without the monthly cost of another subscription. We had two dvd’s sitting in the house for at least 3 months– making their cost over $50 for two movies that we never watched! I could have seen a lot of first run pix–in the theatres– for that price & even bought some overpriced, overbuttered popcorn!

We did feel some urgency to watch one of the dvd’s before I mailed them back (when you cancel, you get 7 days to return your stash). It was Synecdoche New York…and frankly we just couldn’t get into it and bailed after 2o minutes. So, it was further reinforcement for my decision to cancel. At least for now.


  1. You’re definitely not the only one! We stream as much as possible now.

    Good for you bailing out of a bad viewing–i used to give all movies a chance while watching even if i wasn’t really enjoying myself, but then came across an article last year that reasoned that we don’t have time to keep reading bad books and watching bad movies; if it’s terrible, why keep going? That made lots of sense to me 🙂


    • I wish I had this courage years ago to quit bad books, movies, tv etc. Life IS is too short and it’s NOT a personal failing to give up before finishing (altho it has taken me much longer than you to realize that!)


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