Get thee to a library.

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If you haven’t visited your local library, you should. It’s the last bastion of booklovers with its delerious array of books on every conceivable topic.

But it’s not a neanderthol institution either. I borrow books on cd from them for my daily commute (you can also download books), you can do internet searches, borrow books and movies, read the latest magazines (and back issues) and save yourself a subscription. You can bring your kids for pajama story time and yourself for book clubs and author visits.You can search and reserve books from home and you’ll get an email when they’re in and  an email when your book is overdue so you can remotely renew.

Libraries are so 21st century but with all the pleasures of musty book havens of yore. I used to buy books but now I prefer borrowing to lower my paper footprint and the guilty stacks of paperbacks stowed around my home.

Every few weeks I visit the library and wander my favorite sections (new books sections on cooking, crafts, gardening and, of course, books on cd & fiction), load up a stack, check out at the digital checkout and go home with my treasure trove. If I really love book, I renew it the maximum number of times allowed.  The thrill of a stack of new books to explore at home never dissipates. I may be of last generation of print book lovers with Nooks, iPads and Kindles the reading norm for future generations. But, hopefully, libraries will continue to buy real paper-based books along with future digital options.

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