How my droid almost ruined a wedding

Jean Harlow
Image by dovima_is_devine_II via Flickr

Went to a gorgeous wedding in Atlanta last weekend. The bride looked like Jean Harlow  in her bias cut, shirred, body hugging dress. The groom looked deliriously happy watching as she walked down the aisle to him. The sunlight streaming in on the 18th floor of the elegant City Club at 5 pm cast romantic, dramatic highlights on the scene.

I just had to take a picture. Unthinkingly, I grabbed my turned off droid phone to take a photo. I didn’t think– and then instanty I remembered. When you turn on your droid, a few minutes later it emits that deep, annoying droidddddd voice. I panicked, trying to turn the phone back off. My son grabbed the phone out of my hands and stepped on it. I threw my handbag on top of it. And we prayed it would not go off.

And it didn’t.  Thank goodness. I don’t want to be remembered as the aunt who destroyed the sanctity of the marriage vows. I am already known as the woman who gets thrown from bikes, trips on the steps, walks into traffic, sets off fire alarms and so on.

Google— please can’t you make your phone STFU when it is activated? Do I have to announce to the world that I just turned my phone on? I actually don’t think that weddings are the only situation when a quiet activation is would be desirable and absolutely necessary. How about any quiet environment?  Have you had an embarrassing Droid moment or near miss? Or is it really just me?

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