Why I love L.A.

Randy Newman and I have something in common. We love Los Angeles. Actually, I love “my” L.A. Just spent a long weekend visiting old friends and favorite haunts. The city never disappoints. Arriving Saturday afternoon, I rented my car and cruised up Sepulveda Blvd. to  Brentwood to girlfriend 1. My first L.A. request….take me to the beach!  We found spot to park right across from a beach just north Santa Monica. The late afternoon light hummed off the shimmering waters. That night we cruised down Wilshire to walk right into Roy’s Restaurant for a fabulous fish dinner. Then off to the Hayworth Theatre downtown to see “Just Imagine,”  a musical tribute to John Lennon told through the Beatles music. Great nostalgia( and band).Sunday with girlfriend 2. We took our favorite “walk & talk” from Beverlywood to Beverly Hills, catching up on each other’s lives, loves and careers. Lunch at Native Foods, a vegan restaurant in Culver City where I loved the “taco” salad and the Moroccan bowl. Super tasty, filling and fresh. Then on to one of my favorite walks, Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. This eclectic, artsy street is always re-inventing itself. This trip it was all about chic casual restaurants &  cute shops decorated with hip elan. I didn’t buy anything but felt sensorily sated by the array of wares.  I could definitely live in Venice if I ever moved back. Monday, I took a hot yoga class at TheYoga Collective in Santa Monica. I was expecting reggae music but not the heat lamps throughout the studio. But I powered through sweating like crazy but with that special post workout high yoga always brings. Then on to girlfriend 3.  We spent a long afternoon sharing conversation, creative challenges (she’s a talented photographer) and one last long walk on the beach, this time near the Marina Del Rey jetty. I can’t get enough of the Southern California coast when I’m here. It’s so restorative. The sun was shining all weekend. I so miss the L.A. sun. Its brilliant warmth elevates my mood and outlook, making me feel all things are possible. No wonder this is a city of creative dreamers. My L.A. isn’t about the Hollywood scene, the beautiful people, the outrageous mansion or over the top gourmet or retail spectacles. My L.A. is about good friends, dappled beaches, cute little neighborhoods, long walks and healthy food. And lots & lots of sacred sunshine. What a glorious getaway.

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