Field trip to “Smitten Kitchen”

Time for a trip to another food blogger whose writing & photography make for a delicious diversion. Smitten Kitchen, which is subtitled  “Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City” is Deb Perelman’s funny and fresh blog focusing on the visual feast of cooking she creates at home. Yesterday’s post on “Heavenly Chocolate Cake Roll”  offers a  cake that passes Passover muster without reminding you that you are existing on Matzah for a week.

Like many other foodie bloggers, Deb is working on a cookbook to be published in 2012. But you can discover her now before she gets even more (justly) famous. Who can resist a writer who says things like:”Deb is the kind of person you might innocently ask what the difference is between summer and winter squash and she’ll go on for about twenty minutes before coming up for air to a cleared room and you soundly snoring. It’s taken some time, but she’s finally realized that there are people out there that might forgive her for such food, cooking and ingredient-obsessed blathering and possibly, even come back for more.”

Get smitten…and check her out!

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