Letting go of my book club

Stacking books until...
Image by Alexandre Dulaunoy via Flickr

After 13 years of faithful attendance , I have abandoned my book club. It was a serious, considered decision. During all those years, our group not only read masterpieces and mediocrities, we shared the ups and downs of our lives: children, jobs & loss of jobs, illnesses, relationship issues, politics and more. We had our little rituals: December’s book was always food-related and we enjoyed all of Ruth Reichl‘s books and many others along with a holiday dinner themed around book’s topic or recipes contained.

As time went on, food began to play a larger role in most of our meetings, with everyone bringing some veggie, snack , dessert or or nourishment so that those of us who came straight from work wouldn’t pass out from hunger as we passed out the literary criticism.

But, in the last few years, I’ve been reading more books than ever (and one of my requirements is that they be books on CD so I can read on my commute) and I didn’t like having to buy books that I wasn’t even sure I’d love just because it was the monthly pick.

Then, of late, my honey and I have been taking swing dance lessons on Tuesdays which conflicted with our 2nd Tuesday book meetings. And so, I did the deed. I told them I was bowing out.

With our group as small as it is, I worried my departure would be the death knell of this lovely coterie of women. But surprise– they decided to continue on. For many, their commitment to read was build on their obligation to the others.  So, I look forward to hear of their upcoming readings and to share some of my own discoveries and perhaps make guest appearances when a 2nd Tuesday frees up.

I can’t leave this book-related post without offering some book recommendations. Here are some of my recent favorites: Freedom (modern culture & marriage); The Reliable Wife (sexy/poetic); Object of Beauty  (inside the art business); The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (charming and quirky) and Cutting for Stone (amazing storytelling)

So, farewell to my Book Club. Thanks for the memories & the many chapters of our lives we’ve shared and read. I’m turning the page….

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