Poster Cabaret brings art to the masses

This charming art site, , brings original art posters to the masses, exposing local artists from around the globe. You can search their site by artist, topic or theme and find something wondrous. Based out of Austin, Texas, Poster Cabaret brings little known artists to light. An etsy for illustrators!

One thing they’ve gotten particularly famous for are their bicycle posters. Indeed, they now have a gallery show in Austin of some of their best velo illustrations from a variety of artists and styles as part of May’s celebration of National Bike Month.*The prices are reasonable and you can contact the artists for more of their work or special commissions.

Give yourself an art immersion in contemporary poster illustration and design. And buy something to support a starving artist.

*Speaking of National Bike Month, I heard this morning that bike sales are up due to increased gas prices. Want to participate. Here’s a couple of ways: Bike to Work Week is May 16-20 and Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 20. More info at the League of American Bicyclists site.

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