Field trip to ‘Gluten Free Girl’ and her growing gluten free life!

Shaved Asparagus Salad

It’s Friday and I’m feeling the need for a little field trip over to a lovely blog called “Gluten Freee Girl.” Only it’s not that anymore: It’s now called Gluten Free Girl and the Chef !   Who would guess that living gluten free would be the path to happily ever after but it has been for Shauna James Ahern. And while she’s been blogging for years about her food allergy, she found the love of her life in Chef Danny who decided to change his cooking ethic to ensure Shauna could always eat at his restaurant.

So, the blog is more than a compilation of gorgeous pix and recipes, it’s also a family saga that now includes a baby. And books. Her latest is called, what else, Gluten Free Girl and the Chef replete with 100 recipes.

Check out this beautiful summer recipe for shaved asparagus salad. Shauna started this blog out of illness and passion but gluten free living has become an increasing lifestyle. The New York Times recently wrote about gluten free bakeries popping up all over the country in “Gluten Free is Flavor Free no More” 

Shaved Asparagus Salad

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