Chimichurri, my new summer staple and ay carumba it’s good


Spice up your summer grilling with a simple, uncooked sauce that’s an Argentinean staple: chimichurri.  It sounds exotic but is super healthy, tastes spectacular and makes everything look delectable.  Essentially, it’s made of loads of italian parsley mixed with olive oil, garlic & red wine vinegar whirled together in your cuisinart or blender with salt, pepper and anything else you’d like to add to kick it up a notch like (e.g. lemon or lime juice or hot pepper sauce).  You can make it chunkier or creamier depending on the length of your whipping or the amount of olive oil & citrus/vinegar liquid you add.  I’ve marinated shrimp and grilled them, as well as put on grilled chicken and baked or grilled salmon.  Of course, steak is the orginal chimichurri choice so you meat eaters should definitely make like a gaucho (Argentinean cowboy)  and load it on your bbq steaks and ribs. As Rachel Ray says: “It’s delish.”   Here’s one recipe for chimichurri but they are all over the web. Epicurious Chimichurri recipe


Don’t like parsley? Try it with fresh cilantro or basil instead. A different taste treat (more like pesto) but still a fabulous, no cook topper for all your easy summer cooking

Salud. Enjoy with a sophisticated little albarino or malbec and you can pretend you are in Buenos Aires. Let’s tango!

I must be on to something. Today’s New York Times Well offers other  summer vegetable sauces.  How they managed to leave out chimichurri is their loss. But they do have a little parsley and caper number!

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