Default brinkmanship & going to hell in a hand basket

The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.
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This is the summer of our discontent. Along with the heat, the tempers are flaring. And tempers are over the top in Washington D.C. right about now. Will we default and bring ruin upon our national reputation and credibility worldwide?  Will our individual assets once again plummet as they did  in the depths of the 2007-8 recession? Will everyone’s interest rates rise and prosperity prospects decline? That’s where we’re headed if our nation doesn’t increase the debt ceiling now.

Why can’t our politicians make policy? Why is compromise a dirty word? No relationship exists without compromise except dictatorships. From marriage to friendship, nobody gets their way all the time. So, it should be with politics.

Why must we move from crisis to crisis? I’m willing to pay more in taxes if it helps ensure that the government services we need are there when we need them. I’m all for lowering the deficit and trimming programs but not by punishing those who’ve done no wrong but are simply trying to help themselves and their families.

I normally don’t use my blog for politics but I’m just so dismayed by what’s happening in
D. C. that I needed to vent. Please, Elected Leaders, come to some agreement. Pull us back from the brink. Make a deal. Everyone give a little…we have everything to gain if we do. And everything to lose if we don’t.

Obama, Boehner, Reid, Pelosi— please pull us back from the brink. Compromise is always possible. Failure is unfathomable.

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