Do you lie to the treadmill about how old you are?

Whenever, I work out at the gym, I become a flagrant liar. I routinely program the treadmill and elliptical trainer cardio machines with false information about my age and weight. Why do I do this? It’s just a machine. It won’t tell on me. Who am I kidding?

I can rationalize by saying that I feel younger than my age so I want the machine to give me a tougher workout. And while I’m pretending to be my younger self, I’m also planning to lose those last five pounds (and have been planning this for months) so why concede that I really weigh what I do.

Am I the only one who lies to workout machines? If you do, what’s your excuse? Is this an example of youthful thinking or aging self-delusion?

On the other hand, I am working out and giving fitness the old college try…even if college was a very lonnng time ago!


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