Groupon and its deal a day clones have sucked me in again.

Groupon MyCityDeal
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Recently, I vowed on this blog to go cold turkey after being bombarded and swayed by the influx of deal coupons invading my email. However, the deals kept coming, and LivingSocial, Groupon, Homerun, Plum District, Ruelala, Jetsetter etc. have created killer spawn– each of them is now offering additional deals for travel getaways & local specials, to keep me in a constant state of shopping arousal.

Add to that, there’s all the latest clones tthat somehow find me (Actually, we all know  these sites are selling our emails to each other!. It’s part of the business model) and now I’m getting BloomspotAmazon‘s MyHabit , The DealMap  &  Google offers daily, too. My inbox runneth over. My willpower was sorely tested.

So, I bought some shoes on Ruelala. Even thought the site said they were out of my size in my favorite brand, Taryn Rose, it offered to find and send them if I ordered. So, I did. And, miracle of miracles, I ended up getting the sandal in two colors. Both were too big, both were sent back and I incurred a return fee. Why, oh why, did I do this?

Online shopping is like other addictions. It’s easy, private and so compelling. It’s hard to stay away when these sites make their merchandise look so luscious, trendy… and absolutely necessary. But the truth is they are not necessary. I didn’t know I lusted for those sandals till they showed up as an offer in my email.

I will try again to be good. I will immediately send all these offers to junk mail. I will unsubscribe to most (Why on earth did I sign up for Groupon in London?). I am confessing my sins publicly once again in hopes that will work (Though Oprah‘s public confession of frustration at gaining weight didn’t help her lose it…I still admire the honesty).

Shopping is not the answer to happiness, loneliness, boredom or despair. Shopping is necessary when you really need stuff. Not when pretty pictures seduce you into thinking you really really got to have it. That’s just adding more stuff in your life.

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