Iconic Icons for your Hurricane Irene tweeting and posting because this storm is going viral!


There’s a storm brewing and everyone wants to get into the act. Hurricane Irene is likely to be the most texted, tweeted, youtubed, flickred, blogged, tumblred & facebooked storm this century has seen. (Of course, none of these were available last century…you could read all about it in print after it happened. So last century, indeed).

Just remember that all your social media toys depend on electricity and batteries. From iphones to imacs and smart phones to pc’s, all need a charge. Who has landline phones anymore anyways….and besides the phone lines can go down, too.

So, pack up your batteries, find a hand-crank chargers or get yourself one of these cool solar charger packs and suck up the rays while the sun’s still shining. Because we need to keep social networking alive through the dark and stormy night ahead. Because if a tree falls in the forest, we need to live blog it!

Everyone, stay safe & dry.

Image of soda cap social media icons from  Unstage.com.

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