The best cure for jet lag? Don’t go home!

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What’s jet lag you ask? How about:

  • Waking  up at 2 am needing to satisfy your morning ablutions.
  • Arising again at 4 a.m. ready to eat
  • Crashing at work at 3 p.m. in the middle of a meeting
  • Falling asleep for the season opener of Grey’s Anatomy

These body clock afflictions last a day per time zone…at least for me. With 9 hours difference between Spain and S.F., I’ve been a walking, talking zombie as each day my body clock resets just a bit more.

Some people swear by melatonin, others by dousing yourself in sleeping pills till your schedule normalizes. I just tough it out.  It’s the price you pay for travelling and I think the price is worth it.  I’m still thinking about our warm nights in Seville, the gorgeous sunset hovering over the Bilbao Museum, turning the metal clad exterior to gold; the enchanting beach of San Sebastian, the intricate tile patterns of the Alhambra glowing in the early evening light, the plate after plate of perfectly prepared local specialties from the land and sea at every bar and restaurant we visited. The great cup of expresso con leche each morning.

In my mind, the only real cure for jet lag is to keep on travelling! I’m already planning my next trip.

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  1. I’m telling you, I swear by the homeopathic product “No Jet Lag.” It’s not melatonin, it has no side affects, and it just works! I was a bit tired for a day or two after returning from Europe, then back to normal. Seriously, we had NO jet lag when we arrived in Europe. Try it next time- it is an awesome product!


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