Artful Bloggers I love – Ruth Rae

You gotta love this doll!
I have been following Ruth Rae on Blogspot for years because she consistently creates inspirational bits of primitive, eccentric art. Unlike many other “arty” blogs, She doesn’t just grab stuff from other sites, compile them and call them posts. She creates her own personal expressions  day after day, inspiring with her earnest dedication. She’s not a great writer or speller but she shares her creative process openly & honestly and her pictures speak a 1000 eloquent words.

It’s been a while since I last visited her blog. It was such a joy to discover her latest works which glow with emotional magic especially that charming little doll that you just want to squeeze the stitches on!   I am a sucker for homemade dolls having once struggled to make a Raggedy Ann clone (which sits forlornly in a bottom drawer  along with other memorabilia of my younger self).

Ruth Rae has garnered an international reputation, speaks at artist conferences and has been featured in Stampington & Company’s gorgeous coterie of books for creative DIYers from Prims  for primitive arts (where Ruth Rae’s doll is featured) to Altered Books to Artful Blogging & More. But despite success,  she still blogs as a humble artisan trying to make meaning through making art.

I’ve vowed to do more art in 2012…and I’ll need to visit Ruth Rae more often to remind myself that art springs from the doing. I can talk the talk…this year I want to walk the walk of creating art.


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