What to buy when you don’t need anything.

These days, the most exciting part of my day is often the mailman or Amazon truck stopping at my house. Nearly everything I need and want comes to my door, keeping me safe from Covid 19.

Didn’t know I needed this till I saw it!

At first, it was a novelty to order groceries from Whole Foods and have bags of groceries appear hours later. When I needed a new frying/reheating pan for all our stuck at home cooking, I was gifted a gorgeous always pan that’s only available to buy online.

Early on during Covid, I bought cozy leggings and thermal t-shirts to stay comfy indoors. With easy returns, online clothes shopping was a no brainer. I discovered Sketchers athleisure and now own leggings in long, capri and shorts as the Covid winter rolled into spring and then summer.

Last fall, I spent more on Xmas and Hanukkah gifts than ever before because t’s hard to remember what you bought and for whom when all these brown boxes and white bags kept arriving and I just stacked them up in a corner. Let’s just say the grandkids made out like bandits last year!

So now it’s the end of January 2021 and if the political insurrection didn’t send us running inside, then the new Covid variants did. My online shopping continued apace.

However, now there’s nothing left that I need to buy… and it’s getting boring. Moreover, I don’t really want to spend any more money when I already overindulged for the holidays.

And that’s where RebateKey comes in. It’s the answer to shopping when you don’t really need anything and don’t want to spend much either. It’s called RebateKey.com.

First, let me be perfectly transparent. I am a parent of the CEO! RebateKey is a fast growing, retail shopping site that makes it fun to try new products at low risk and less cost. Sign up and cruise the site for shopping inspiration or check out their daily specials through their e-newsletters. Or, even easier, can download the RebateKey Chrome app and you can buy items directly on Amazon and still get the RebateKey discount.

How does it work? Thousands of merchants on Amazon and other online platforms are anxious to get your attention. They want to stand out from the crowd or maybe they want to introduce a new product and quickly gain sales. With RebateKey, they get high impact marketing promotion to hundreds of thousands of RebateKey customers. The more items they sell, the higher they rank on Amazon and so the more full price sales they make. The rebates to you help them gain market traction.

As a RebateKey customer, you buy the product at full price on Amazon (or Shopify, etc) and 35 days later you get the full rebate promised. This can range from 30% off to free! Yes free! You get a check in the mail or have it deposited directly into your paypal account. Easy peasy.

The beauty of the system is that you–the customer– don’t have to chase down your rebate or mail anything in. RebateKey automates the process between customer and seller.

What have I personally bought on RebateKey? Real Turkish hand towels for our bathroom; an inflatable toddler bed that my grandson adores sleeping in when he stays over; a headlamp for my hubby for our nighttime walks and lots of fun and educational toys for the kiddies. All of them were bought at a staggering 60-100% off. If I hadn’t seen them on Rebatekey, I would never have known about them. Or bought them.

So, dear readers, when you don’t really need anything but you really do need some affordable shopping therapy, try out RebateKey. And if you do need something in particular, you might just want to check RebateKey first. You never know what you’ll find on this ever changing, always intriguing shopping platform.

And that’s my shameless mom plug for 2021!

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