Six word memoirs evoke deep insights. Or not.

Six-Word Memoir Slam at 92YTribeca, 2/14/11
Image by 92YTribeca via Flickr

Smith Magazine has this wonderful site called Six Word Memoirs. It’s a fun place to try your hand at distilling your life’s story to its pithy essence.  Some of their published insights are funny, some thoughtful,  provocative or deeply personal.
Don’t want to write your memoir yet? You can also write 6-word essays on love, happiness, resolutions, family, food and so much more. Examples:

He wore Osh Kosh painter pants.
Hormonal change has fried my brain.
I will never share my dessert
Lost 40 pounds, but found myself

What six words would describe your day today? Here’s mine:
Wednesday promises Friday will come soon!

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