Field trip: Green Earth Goodies blog

Just discovered this lovely, whimsical, artistic and sane blog called Green Earth Goodies. I instantly resonated to Jennifer’s self description:

“…This blog discusses my handiwork and photography but digs deeper into the way I live my life which is considerably simpler and more environmentally friendly than my former life as a corporate road warrior, flying around and living in hotels 2-4 weeks out of each month.  This was clearly not sustainable for me…I always told myself that I wanted to leave the workforce and pursue my passion by the time I turned 35.  I left the rat race prior to the holidays of 2009, 6 months before my 35th birthday and haven’t looked back.  I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life….”

What I love is that Jennifer’s posts don’t glorify the artistic life as much as reveal it. In a recent post called “One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure” she shows pix of her collections of random junk that await her transformation and inspiration. I have many piles of stuff claiming latent possibility…but latent never comes, just more stuff piling on. But knowing she does the same still gives me reckless hope.

There’s good writing, great photos and the wonderful sensation of deep breathing as you read. Go visit.

Update: The blog is, alas, no longer open but J.C’s art lives (and sells) on Etsy. Here’s her main site at



  1. Wow, thanks so much!! I’m very touched that you would feature me and that you like my blog. I’m over the moon at the publicity I’ve received today from being a Fresh Pressed blog. Thank you again for sharing my blog…appreciate that we are kindred spirits!


    • Sorry to disappoint folks with the closure of my blog; it was for many reasons, but mostly due to time (I’ve been on a social media fast the couple of months and surprisingly LOVING the freedom and the extra time it has given me); and also due to some recent events in my life, I felt like I needed some anonymity. It’s all too easy to share too much on a blog and for others to feel like they really know you when they don’t; hence, I needed to pull it all down for the sake of privacy and safety. I only have it private so that I can access old recipes or look back on journals, but am not publishing any new material. I appreciate your interest and your kind comments and wish you well!!
      Thanks again ♥


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