If you Pingg them, they will come!

I’ve sent my last evite. My new online invitation fave is Pingg. The designs are beautiful and contemporary (and there are oodles for every occasion). The invites are free but for a $10 Ping Plus upgrade, they eliminate the annoying ads. That means your invitation looks just the way you want it to. With the upgrade, you also get to choose other features like a custom url for your event and cool digital envelopes if you want the feel of formal invites or the element of surprise.  I’ve looked at punchbowl but their invites didn’t have as many choices or features.  One last Pingg feature, you can also have their invites printed and sent by snail mail (for those on your invite list who aren’t yet or never will be online!).
Since sending my invitation, I’ve been getting Pingg ping backs from happy invitees who are also following the easy instructions to bring a potluck item. Party on!

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