I love boots. And Zappos knows it!

BootsYou know the expression TMI( too much information) Well, I think there’s entirely TMI online about my love of boots! The search engine experts and online retailers  with their crawlers and bots, know my every online move…. and they shower me with boot-buying opportunities every time I go to a favored website. I go to Huffington Post to read the latest political gossip and Zappos runs an ad with pix of great-looking walking boots. I click on  My Yahoo home page and Overstock shows me sexy mid-thigh boots.I know that Amazon is tracking me and every purchase I’ve ever made with them. I may be paranoid but they ARE still following me!

It’s disconcerting to have your secret shopping splurges splashed in your face every time you go online. The boot purveyers are stalking my online footprint and they’ve got a shoe that fits. And its on sale. And I, like a sucker, click to their sites, dazzled by shiny new boots. But I don’t need any more boots. My feet are shod.

As a marketer by profession, I get why they are doing this…but as a consumer, I’m a little creeped out. Stop trying to sell me. I have enough. My feet are warm and dry. I’m not Imelda Marcos and don’t have an unlimited shoe wardrobe or budget.

These online hawkers are worse than a pushy salesperson who tells you everything looks good on you even when you know that the pants are riding up your butt and the bathing suit makes you look like a blood sausage.  Which makes me glad, almost, that I don’t shop for bathing suits online. How awful would that be to have these items (that always make you look fat and paunchy) paraded before your eyes every time you refresh your browser. Unless, of course, you’re Heidi Klum in which case I’m sure you can buy all the bikinis you want online. But since you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you are not.

Are the bots and crawlers tracking your every move and trying to sell you stuff they know you like or lust for?

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