Never too old to be a rebel. Especially a Rebel Mouse!

Join the rebellionThere’s no grass growing under my social media feet. In fact, I’m an earlier adopter than TechCrunch! Yesterday they sent out a post about their new rebelmouse page. Heck, I’ve been rebelmousing since last month.

What’s a Rebel Mouse? Well, since you asked it’s a mashup of your social media pages into a newspaper-esque home page of your life. It’s better than Pinterest (where mostly girls hang out) and more concise than Flipboard in laying out your life, likes and tweets in a comprehensive format that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Rebel Mouse is still in beta mode so an invite is required. Butapparently anyone can get one, even moi! This No Blue Hair now has a No Blue Ear!

From Mickey Mouse to Mighty Mouse to Rebel Mouse,  the rodents are still cultural icons!


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