Wheat Belly Diet? Flat Belly Diet? Blubber Management 101

Bagel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While searching for a new novel to download, I came across a best-selling diet book that was news to me: The Wheat Belly Diet. With a stack of beautiful bountiful bagels on the cover, it got my attention. Apparently, it’s my craving for plain and whole grain carbs that’s causing my  blubber belly. At least that’s Dr. Davis’ theory and he’s sticking with it all the way to the bank. Drop the wheat and the pounds will follow.

Of course, like the Flat Belly Diet before that and the Caveman (Paleo) Diet before that, I am sucker for stomach shrinking schemes.  But why do these best-selling diet books always pick on my beloved carbs?

I simply can’t exist on protein alone. I don’t eat red meat and my appetite for chicken/turkey is quite limited. I’m not bean counter or a tofu taker so that leaves fish and eggs…and hey…how many eggs and salmon filets can you eat before you sprout fins and wings?

Where’s the damn chocolate chip cookie diet? How about the Hagen Dazs Diet? Or the Bread Basket Diet?  Surely some cardiologist or nutritionist can doctor up some studies to show that carb loading IS good for you. That bagels are belly blasters not belly bloaters. You will make a fortune if you do, I promise.

I suppose I could give up bread for a week if I could still have chocolate and ice cream…but that’s not the deal. It’s not just bread that’s on the Belly Fat hit list…it’s sugar treats, too.

Blubber management isn’t easy. As they say in the Bible, I am not my blubber’s keeper. But my blubber is keeping me.


  1. There are other fish in addition to the sacred salmon. Try hake and roughy (in TJ’s frozen fish section called “ruffy”). Both light and tasty.


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