Apple finds and bottles the fountain of youth. The Ultimate App.

Us old geezers haz de iPad, and you young kids...
Us old geezers haz de iPad, and you young kids don’t… (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

The experts can quibble about the pros and cons of the new iPhone 5. I am here to tell you that Apple is the new face of aging in America.  Apple is  making lifelong learning fun, accessible and specific.

On Tuesday, I took advantage of a rare day off and signed up online for a free workshop at my local store. While I have an iMac, I am not a power user…. email and internet are my main activities. But I’m heading on a trip and thought it might be good to learn how to use iPhoto to sort and manage my travel pix.

Showed up and found myself in a class with eight others. Most were nobluehairs just like me!  All were more or less Mac proficient and wanted to up their photo savvy or just see the latest tricks available .

For one hour, the Apple guide led us through creating events, folders, slideshows and even a full multi-media show with sound. It looked so easy. The techniques were so intuitive, we all felt like geniuses. And, by the end of 60 minutes, we had just bound ourselves ever more tightly to the Apple Mother Ship.

What I also noticed during my hour in the store is that a couple of the sales team were not post-college hipsters but post-career retirees. They, too, are the new face of aging. They are experts in Apple products and this is the perfect job where they can keep learning and connect with  older customers who might be intimidated by the wunderkind workers.

The one thing I wished I could do was easily upload my photos from Apple to WordPress but  I can only hope that’s coming. Meanwhile, I learned that Flickr is a pretty good alternative for posting pix that you either set for private or public viewing. Flickr lets you load a ton of pix at no cost.

When Apple was starting out, they wisely entered the educational field while Microsoft was pursuing corporate customers. So many millions of kids got their educational start on a Mac and are fans for life. Now, they are catering to the “other” generation with Free Classes, Genius Bar appointments and private One on One sessions paid for in advance.  Apple has loyal customers at every age in the spectrum by turning out compelling, attractive products that create avid, loyal customers.  Lifelong learning isn’t a slogan at Apple, it’s a mission.

Did I get my money’s worth from my FREE class? Absolutely.  Will I go back for more?  Absolutely. And I’m ready to add to my iMac, iPad collection with a new iPhone 5.

The future of boomer America? Take a look inside your Apple store.

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  1. […] Note: a reversed, "ghost" form of the old man in this photo was published as part of a mashup in an undated (late Feb 2012) blog titled "Learning by Doing – Digital Images (Basic Part 2)." The photo was also published in an Apr 28, 2012 blog titled "Appleは、iOS5で「Mac予備軍」の獲得に成功した." And it was published in a May 27, 2012 blog titled " Ces baby boomers qui adoptent des lecteurs ebook." It was also published in an Oct 11, 2012 blog titled "Apple finds and bottles the fountain of youth. The Ultimate App." […]


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