My morning chat with ChatGPT

Reader warning! This post may terrify you.

Monday morning, I decided to see what all the fuss about AI was about. Every single news outlet has been writing obsessively about the perils and promise of AI or artificial intelligence. And, at the center of the controversy, is the program that’s been downloaded thousands of times daily. I figured I’d give it a go.

Chat GPT is currently offered free to experiment with from OpenAI, one of the first AI companies. I opened an account and decided to start with something simple

I typed into the box: Write a blog post about rain. Maybe I could use it to cheat on future posts!

Instantly, the computer started typing a series of paragraphs about rain from varied perspectives like scientific implications on drought and flooding and emotional responses like sadness. But it was more like a term paper than a blog post. I’d bore you if I used it!

Next, I decided to check out its creative chops. I typed: Write a poem about rain. It immediately composed the following:

Raindrops pitter-patter on the roof A symphony of sound so smooth Softly falling, one by one A melody to soothe the soul undone

The world outside is drenched in grey A canvas painted with mist and spray The trees, the grass, the flowers bloom A peaceful stillness in the room

A cup of tea, a book in hand The perfect way to understand The beauty of this season’s reign And all the joys it can contain

Though wet and cold, it brings us near A time to cherish, hold so dear For in its dampness, we can find A solace for the heart and mind

So let the rain pour down on us For in its drops, there’s no mistrust That winter’s here, and it’s so clear That in its wetness, we can persevere.

I was stunned. This wasn’t generic. There were actually some really cool lines and a sense of soul. I loved the second stanza and wished I could have written it.

I shared the poem with others. One wrote back: “OMG!  The thing has feelings!  We are in trouble!”

Next, I challenged ChatGPT to give me a recipe with these three ingredients: Tahini, cabbage and tomatoes. The bot did me one better– it spit out four recipes including one for stuffed cabbage, a salad, a soup and pasta dish. If you want the recipes, send me your email.

Lastly, I asked the bot to draw a picture of rain. And that’s when I really freaked. Here’s the response:

“I’m sorry, as an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to draw pictures. However, I can suggest some elements that you could include in your drawing of rain, such as raindrops falling from the sky, puddles on the ground, umbrellas or raincoats, clouds, lightning, and the sun peeking through the clouds after the rain has stopped.

And then my bot concluded: “I hope this helps.”

That did it. I don’t want empathy, soul or compassion from my computer. To rephrase and mangle the Elephant Man’s elegiac cry: “ChatGPT, you are not a human being. You are a robot.” And with that, I turned off my computer and walked away.

Take that!

Want to scare yourself,too? Go to


  1. It really is amazing technology – though I like your prose better! Hope all is well. We think of you (and mention) you often at the J.

    my best, Sally

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  2. I love this! Actually got “as far as the door” about two weeks ago….then gently my heel stepped back as I decided that I’d rather live in the 29th c if I have to time travel as this one and the ones coming are just too scary!

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