Cain. Perry. Bachmann.Gingrich. It’s enough to send you to the travel channel.

I just can’t watch the morning news shows anymore. Or any cable news show. I can’t take any more of their daily diet of  dissecting the minutia of the day’s stupid, surreal or slanderous statements of the clowns running for office. Is there anyone serious out there? These are not candidates. These are cartoons.

So, I’ve switched to watching The Travel Channel. I’d rather watch reruns of Samantha Brown in Europe, Asia or Latin American. I’d rather hang out with Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations. I’d like to escape to anywhere but where the talking heads are eviscerating the words of other talking heads.

Anthony Bourdain
Image via Wikipediaconducting autopsies of other talking heads.

There actually are serious issues at hand. Can’t we discuss them in a grown up way with facts, figures and logic? Politics is not a reality show. We’re not voting for the cast of Jersey Shore or voting people off the island on Survivor. “The Real Politicians of  D.C.” is not a TV show. They’re the people making the big decisions about our lives. We need to get real here people. If we screw it up, we can’t just change the channel.

It’s our future that’s at stake. And whipping people into a froth of frenzy about made-up issues and minor mis-statements isn’t going to further our national dialogue.

I’m going off on a rant because…. well…everyone else is. And I’m sure I’m just as ineffectual.


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